VM Will Represent ROV In India

“Running on Waves” is a passenger sailing vessel of premium class.

The company has announced the appointment of Venture Marketing as marketing and sales representative in India. Venture Marketing will not take care of operations of Running on Waves in India.

The premium vessel is 64 m long (209 ft) and has the capacity holding 42 guests in unsuited cabins 18 in numbers. The company offers charters as well as Cruise to the client for ashore sailing in countries like Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Albania, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and other countries that are easy to reach

Chief Commercial Officer of Running on Waves Konstantin Smirnov, said, “For cruising India has been a growing market and for experiential clients we would like to present a unique product. For those who love experiencing new things in the segment, Running on Waves is a wonderful product.”

“We are overwhelmed to join hands with Venture Marketing; the team of Venture Marketing will help the product to get right audience. The company has a good understanding and knowledge of the industry” he said.

Smirnov further added that “Our clients in India say Running on Waves, is one of the best ships for sailing in the world. We believe that enthusiasts of luxury travel in India will have a great experience on the ship too. Being on the ship will be like having a royal comfort.”

Commenting on the words of Smirnov, Executive Director of Venture Marketing Nitin Sachdeva said, “We too are truly delighted to join hands of Running on Waves. It is a boutique product and offers all type luxury that client look for. Now, we will put effort to engage more and more audiences with this ship by using different methodologies and creating interesting thematic ambience inside the ship”.