NCC Will Take 702 KM Sailing

NCC Directorate of Gujarat has organized a sailing expedition in which 40 NCC cadets will participate and will cover a distance of 702 KMs.

The name of the event has been kept as “Dwarkadheesh Sea Sailing Expedition”. The event will start on 15 January 2017 and will go for 12 days. 30 members of boys NCC and 10 from senior girls NCC will form the team of forty.

Wing commander and defense spokesperson Abhishek Matiman said, “The objective of sailing expedition is to promote adventure sense in NCC cadet. NCC cadets are also the part of the Indian defense system and thus they too should get exposed adventure activity like this.”

Matiman further said that the expedition will not only be an adventure trip, but also an education trip as while the sailing, the locals of Saurashtra region will see how coastal guards are involved in national security and how they work.    Continue reading “NCC Will Take 702 KM Sailing”

Russians Show Their Authority At SB20 Worlds

Strong breeze and swelling conditions greeted the races on the penultimate day of the Cascais SB20 World Championships. The conditions proved that it would be a superb race for the asymmetrical fleets. Everyone was very eager to start the day and in their thirst to beat the others, five of the boats were penalized for being OCS for the first gun shot of the day.

The breeze for the day had set in nicely to aid the starting of the race and was at 15 to 18 knots. There was also a rolling Atlantic swell that ensured that the race would be fast paced. As the second race progressed, the wind speed picked up to 20 knots and the right hand side was in for a strong favor. It was a classic Cascais race as the boats hit 18 knots downwind on a regular basis. Continue reading “Russians Show Their Authority At SB20 Worlds”

Etchells US National Championship won by Steve Benjamin

For more than a decade, sailors of Etchells have clumped south in the winter to relish beautiful weather, warm water as well as outstanding yacht racing of Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.

Annually, the Coral Reef Cup arranged by the Coral Reef Yacht Club and Biscayne Bay Fleet 20 world as the winter finale for Etchells Class Southern Circuit, following the 4 regatta Biscayne Bay Series. In 2016, Coral Reef Cup also worked as the Etchells US National Championship 2016 from 18th to 20th March, 2016. Continue reading “Etchells US National Championship won by Steve Benjamin”

Palmer Johnson selling tools at auction

It is not very often that a ninety-eight year old builder closes down, but when it does, the tools that go up for sale might be the dream of a woodworker.  Now, from 30th March, thousands of tools will be up for auction of the Palmer Johnson Yachts plant’s production assets in Sturgeon Bay.

Palmer Johnson, last fall, declared that they were leaving the Sturgeon Bay and moving to the Netherlands, cutting around hundred jobs. The firm, founded in 1918 in the northeast Wisconsin, had made many yachts costing tens and millions of dollars.

Palmer Johnson hired Prairie Farm’s Hansen & Young Inc. to auction the production instrumentation, including around four thousand five hundred lots of metalworking and woodworking tools. Few of the lots has multiple tools. The condition and the age of the tools varies.

Hansen & Young’s auctioneer and vice president Bryce Hansen told that few of the old woodworking tools are as solid or better built than some of the new stuff. The inventory includes drills, band saws, sanders, CNC machines, grinders, dust-collecting machines, sewing machines, vacuums as well as much more. It also adds materials as well as supplies.

Al the bidding will take place on the internet. Hansen stated that this is an eBay-style auction, except that this is on their website. A lot of the items are at Palmer Johnson’s former plant at 128 Kentucky St., Sturgeon Bay. They would be there for viewing on 28th March from 10 am to 3 pm.